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Reservations are required for Let’s Go Birding field trips.
Please call the Los Gatos Birdwatcher at (408) 358-9453 to reserve your space.

Let's Go Birding with Lisa Myers
Let’s Go Birding with Lisa Myers
to Fremont Peak

Saturday, April 19 —
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Rising above San Juan Bautista, Fremont Peak has a lot of history surrounding it as far back as 1847 when Army Captain John C. Fremont selected this 3,169 foot peak on which to raise the American flag. Once at the top one can see Mt. Hamilton, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. The breeding season will be underway so we’ll be hearing bird song and we’ll be looking for species returning and resident species in breeding plumage.
Fee: $30 per person + share of gas.
Reservations Required.

Let’s Go Birding with Lisa Myers
to Mines Road on the eastern side of Mt. Hamilton

Saturday, May 17 —
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Mines Road is an annual event for most birdwatchers. This remote rural road allows for many pullouts as we look for golden eagles, Lewis’s woodpeckers, phainopepla, Lawrence’s goldfinch, lark sparrow and many more species we don’t often find in Santa Clara County. We never know what to expect and that is one reason this day is always an adventure. This trip is where the Birdaloo earns high marks.
Fee: $30 per person + share of gas.
Reservations Required.

Field Trips and Outings
Saturday Morning Local Bird Walks
Join us every Saturday morning for an enjoyable meander looking for birds.
Call the store Friday nights after 7 PM to find out where we are going the next morning. Except for our once a month all-day field trips, we go on a local bird walk from 8 to 10 am and return for bagels and shade-grown coffee. Some of the nearby places we go to are Oka Ponds, Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, Belgatos Park, Almaden Lake Park, Shoreline and Charleston Slough.
No Charge

Sunnyvale Audubon Walks
First Wednesday of the Month
May 7, June 4 —
Noon to 1pm

Bring your binoculars (loaners are available) and meet Freddy at the Sunnyvale Pollution Control Plant where Borregas and Caribbean meet off of 237. After entering the plant turn left at the first stop sign and continue to the end of the parking area. We will see raptors, shorebirds, and lots of ducks.
No Charge

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